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How Long Does a Shein Order Take?

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Hello fashion queens! If you are a crazy fashion lover like me, then you must be familiar with the brand Shein. This online fashion dreamland is a hub of stylish attires at a very reasonable price point. Many would say that it is giving a tough competition to a number of high end brands like Zara and H&M. Afterall, outfits from Shein have gone viral on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for all the right reasons. The exciting part is that at Shein, you can even get clothes for free sometimes. Wondering how? Click here to get more details on that. Plus, at CouponMyCart, you get a variety of coupon codes that help you in unlocking exciting discounts at their website. 

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Estimated Shein Delivery Times in the United States:

For shoppers from the US, there are two shipping options to choose from: 

  1. Standard Shipping (around 10 days) 
  2. Express Shipping (Less than 7 days) 

Despite shipping from overseas, Shein customers are mostly satisfied with their delivery timings. However, we would still recommend avoiding placing your orders at the last minute. Also, the good news is that Shein ships to all 50 states in the US. 

Factors Affecting Shein Delivery Times

Despite Shein's best efforts, a bunch of factors can throw a wrench into delivery times such as:

  • Warehouse Locations
  • Stock Availability
  • Chosen Shipping Method
  • Your Location
  • Your Order Quantity
  • Peak Season 
  • Weather

Get Your Shein Packages Sooner

If you are getting impatient to receive your order then here are some quick tips. Always go for Express Shipping, order during off-peak seasons, and keep a close eye on that delivery status. Sure, Express Shipping might cost a bit more, but it's your shortcut to skipping the waiting game.

How to Track Your Shein Order

It is important to keep a check at your order tracking. Wondering how? 

  • First obtain your tracking number given by Shein for real-time updates. 
  • Then login into your Shein account. 
  • Hit the “My Orders” tab. 
  • Get real-time updates about your order’s journey. 
  • You can also check out external order-tracking websites like Order Tracker, Tracking More, and Postal Ninja.

What to Do if Your Package Takes Its Sweet Time or Does a No-Show

If your Shein package is being a drama queen, don't stress. Just give Shein's customer support a shout. Jump into live chat features or social media channels on your country's Shein website. For the USA, you can hit up Shein USA's live chat support through for a quick rescue mission.

Why Shein is So Cool

What's the secret? It's the perfect combo of staying trendy, keeping prices low, and having a selection that seems never-ending. Born in China as ZZKKO in 2008, it transformed into Shein in 2015, setting up shops in Singapore. Initially all about women's clothing, Shein now covers men's and kids' fashion, accessories, home items, and more. It's not just consumers hooked; sellers worldwide are featuring Shein in their own stores.


As you dive into the Shein shopping spree, knowing delivery times adds an extra layer of excitement. Shein's global allure is more than trendy threads; it's about a reliable shopping experience. Check out estimated delivery times, keep an eye on your order's journey, and throw in some tips to speed things up. Whether your package arrives fashionably on time or fashionably late, the joy of unboxing your new style gems is all part of the Shein adventure. Happy Shein shopping, trendsetters!