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How to get free delivery on instacart - Guide

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You may like the convenience of having your groceries delivered, but you don't love the cost. You may be able to achieve free delivery by understanding how instacart works.Instacart makes it easy to have groceries delivered right to your home. You can also make your shopping easier by letting someone else handle the heavy lifting. You can also choose to pick your order up, saving you time and eliminating the hassle of having to visit a store.

Let's start with the most urgent issue: the annoying delivery fees. You're probably looking for ways to cut these costs. How can you get free delivery using Instacart? Let's start now.

Instacart :

Instacart, for those unaware, is an American-based company that offers grocery delivery and pickup in the United States and Canada. By using the Instacart website or app, customers can connect with a network that fills orders from local retailers who are members of Instacart. These partners provide a variety of products from national brands to local retailers.

How to get Free Delivery On InstaCart Orders ? (7 Ways )

The most alluring feature for new users is Instacart's free delivery on your initial order! There may be minimum order amounts, depending on the retailer you select.

Joining Instacart Plus:

You may get limitless free delivery on orders over $35 with this premium membership. In the long term, this can save a significant amount of money if you order groceries frequently. So what are you waiting for ? Now join instacart plus and pay no more for heavy delivery charges.

Free Delivery Promotions: 

From time to time, Instacart offers free delivery on a certain store or order value. Watch the website or app for these offers. These offers are available on Coupon My Cart you can coupons the code from instacart store available on website and enjoy massive discounts.

Retailer Promotions: 

A few supermarkets who have teamed up with Instacart may run exclusive deals for free delivery on their goods. And its a joint venture for the stores and instacart in order to provide ease to its customers. For more information, visit the store's website or app.

Codes for Free Delivery

Instacart sometimes collaborates with businesses to offer free delivery codes. These codes are available on a variety of websites and apps. Instacart also offers an “Instacart Free Delivery Code” coupon. By utilising this coupon you will be able to get free delivery on your next order.

Users of EBT SNAP

If you have an EBT card, and you are enrolled in SNAP, your first three Instacart purchases that total $35 or more with at least one SNAP eligible item may qualify for free delivery. Check back often for updates.

Methodical Arrangement

Instacart can help you combine your grocery shopping with other essentials from stores like Costco and CVS. You can use this to help you reach the minimum order amount needed depending on your Instacart status in order to qualify for free shipping.

  • Instacart Add Family Member : Add a family to your account by going to the account management or settings section of the Instacart website or app. Follow the instructions to invite a member of your family and create a shared shopping cart. This feature allows you to simplify your shopping by sharing your Instacart membership with other family members.

Is Instacart Express Available for Free Delivery?

Instacart Express does offer free delivery, but there are some costs. The subscription fee for the year is $99 or $9.99 per month. This unlocks other benefits like unlimited free delivery for orders above $35 per merchant. According to Instacart's calculations, just two orders per month will cover the cost of membership. Non-members usually pay $3.99 or more for delivery.  

First order free with Instacart?

Yes, of course! We welcome new users with a warm greeting and provide free delivery for their first order. Instacart offers a new customer coupon code that is valid for one order through Instacart. Minimum spending requirements may apply to each store. Instacart will charge a $0.01 Alcohol Service Charge for all orders that include alcohol, even if they are eligible for free shipping.

Are Customers of Instacart Eligible for Bonuses?

Of course! Instacart acknowledges the commitment of its customers. 2020 saw the distribution of "thank you bonuses" to shift leads and in-store, full-service customers, ranging from $50 to $500. Customers can currently participate in three different kinds of earnings promotions: referral incentives, extra bonuses for finishing batches, and guaranteed earnings.  


Instacart is convenient for grocery delivery but the delivery fees can be expensive. You can still get free delivery if you join Instacart Plus and use retailer deals, free delivery codes, or EBT SNAP benefits. To save even more, you can also organize your purchases strategically, invite family members to join your account and use coupons. These tips will help you to enjoy Instacart at a reasonable price. Enjoy your shopping!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How To Save Money on Instacart ?

    You can save money with Instacart by using a variety of tactics. You can save a lot of money by using promo codes and taking advantage of discounts offered by specific stores. You can save money over the long-term by joining affiliate programs and purchasing Instacart express subscriptions.

  • What is the service fee on instacart ?

    Instacart's service fee is a cost that you pay to fund the platform. This fee pays for customer service, insurance and background checks as well as shopper operations. The service charge will be automatically added to the order. However, at checkout you can modify or remove the charge.

  • Can You Use Coupons with Instacart ?

    Instacart offers coupons that can be used to lower the price of your purchase. Instacart accepts all types of coupons - whether they're digital, manufacturer or shop coupons. Enter the coupon or promo code into the appropriate section at the checkout to apply the discount.