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How To Make A Return At Kohl’s Without Receipt

Make A Return At Kohl’s

From home goods and toys to apparel for the entire family, Kohl’s offers a thrillingly convenient one-stop shopping experience, whether you prefer browsing in-store or online. This convenience can make it easy to indulge in a shopping spree, sometimes resulting in impulse purchases you later decide to return, instead of letting these items gather dust at home, Kohl’s Provides a hassle-free return process to keep your space clutter-free. 

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Understanding How Does Kohl’s Return Policy Works

If your purchase was made at a physical store of Kohl’s, it’s essential to return it there as well. You just have to simply visit any Kohl’s location with your item and original receipt to process a refund or exchange at the customer service desk. This policy holds regardless of whether the item was initially bought at that specific store or another Kohl’s branch.

For items that were bought online from, returns are generally processed through mail. However, Kohl’s strongly recommends utilizing in-store return options whenever possible. Returning in-store expedites the refund process, ensuring you receive your money back promptly. Moreover, opting for in-store returns eliminates the need to cover any shipping costs associated with mailing the item back to Kohl’s. This convenient approach streamlines the process while saving your additional expenses.

Kohl’s Returning Period

Since the day you purchased at Kohl’s, customers are covered by Kohl’s return policy after 180 days to return most of the merch, the best part is you can make a return with or without a receipt, even though the purchase was initiated in-store or online store at

Kohl’s Exceptions For Some Products

  • Electronic and Watches: This category is eligible to make a return right after 30 days of your purchase with the original packing and receipt of Kohl’s.
  • Personalized and Beauty Products: Slightly used or new in condition, this category is eligible to initiate a return within 60 days of your purchase with an authentic and original Kohl’s receipt. 

How To Initiate A Return At Kohl’s?

Whether you bought a product online from or bought it physically from their store. With their easy return process, you can make a return without a hassle and time-consuming process.

Kohl’s Return Process In-Store.

To initiate a return at Kohl’s, it's a simple 2 step process, and that’s pretty much it that you have to do! 

  1. If you're unable to locate your in-store receipt or online order invoice, don't worry. You can use the original or a printed copy from your account's Order History section. However, if you still can't find it you can usually proceed with your return by presenting a valid ID and seeking assistance from the in-store customer service team.
  2. Bring the receipt or invoice with the item you wish to return and walk right into the customer service desk at your nearest Kohl’s location.

Kohl’s Return Process By Mail.

If you opt for a mail-in return, note that this option is only applicable for items purchased online through it’s important to note that any shipping expenses, postage fees, or surcharges incurred will not be reimbursed as part of the return process. Here is how you can initiate a return at Kohl’s by mail:

  • Access your account and download your order invoice.
  • Complete the return form enclosed with your shipment, or print a new one if necessary.
  • Securely pack the unused item, ensuring all tags are intact, along with the completed return form and order invoice, in a sturdy box.
  • Remember, Kohl’s does not furnish return shipping labels or prepaid postage. Therefore, you'll be responsible for addressing your package to the provided return address and covering the shipping costs.

Initiating An Exchange At Kohl’s Without Receipt

The exchange policy at Kohl’s becomes more intricate when a receipt is unavailable compared to when one is present, Should you wish to exchange an item at Kohl’s but cannot locate your receipt, the store will provide you a merch credit of an unspecified amount, which can be redeemed within the store. Essentially, this means that conducting a direct exchange, as one would with a receipt, is not possible in this scenario.

How Long Is The Refund Period At Kohl’s?

When returning items to Kohl’s via mail, expect a refund process of up to 30 days due to whipping and processing times. However, once Kohl’s receives your returned items, refunds typically take about seven to ten days to be processed. If your purchase doesn't fit quite right, Kohl's exchange offers for different sizes to ensure your satisfaction. For a faster refund consider returning items in-store, where credit card purchases are refunded within seven days to the original card or as Kohl’s merchandise credit.

Factors To Ponder Before Initiating A Kohl’s Return

For returns of premium electronics, it's crucial to maintain the item’s original packaging and erase any personal data stored on it beforehand. Ensure you have a valid Kohl’s receipt or can provide sufficient evidence and information to access your Kohl’s account. Additionally, prepare to present valid identification, as refunds for premium electronics may be subject to limitations or refusal based on the store’s verification process.


Navigating on How To Make A Return At Kohl’s Without Receipt requires attention to detail and adherence to store policies. By following the outlined steps and presenting the necessary identification, customers can complete their returns and potentially receive store credit for their items. While returning without a receipt may involve considerations, Such as limitation on refunds for certain items Kohl’s commitment to customer service ensures a smooth and efficient refund process overall.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Kohl’s Provide A Return Label?

    No, Kohl’s doesn’t provide a return label, however, with its certified partner program you are eligible for a return label with your order.

  • Is It Possible To Make A Sephora Return At Kohl’s?

    No, that’s impossible to make a Sephora purchase return at Kohl’s, each store has its own designated return policy, and cannot be returned in any store.

  • Is It Possible To Make A Worn Clothing Return To Kohl’s?

    Kohl’s Doesn’t clearly state whether you can return worn clothing or not, however, you must not take advantage of their return without receipt policy.