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Does Sephora Have a Rewards Program

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Beauty lovers call to arms! Want more from Sephora than incredible products? You've come to the right place! We're going to reveal today the secrets behind their popular rewards program, which offers perks beyond your shopping cart. Discover special perks that will reward your passion for beauty. Also when it comes to rewarding loyal customers CouponMyCart can't stay at the back, You can also check out our latest “Sephora 10 off” Coupon code available on the Sephora Store to get exclusive discounts on your next purchase.

Sephora Rewards Program

Sephora's rewards program is a well-known program in the beauty sector. This exclusive program is divided into several levels: Insider, VIB, and Rouge. Each level has its own set of special rewards. Members get first dibs at new products and can save money on sales. Sephora's loyalty program aims to reward its loyal customers which makes it a favourite among beauty lovers all over the world..

Sephora membership levels

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Sephora has three levels of membership within the Beauty Insider Program:

  1. Insider: The entry-level level is completely free. This level offers basic benefits, such as birthday gifts and points for purchases.
  2. VIB: Spending at least $350 at Sephora per year is required to qualify as a VIB member. VIB members get all the Insider benefits, plus extras like seasonal savings events.
  3. Rouge: Spending at least $1,000 at Sephora per year will earn you Rouge status. Rouge members get all the Insider and VIB rewards, plus exclusive benefits such as free custom makeovers and free 2-day shipping for online orders.

How does Sephora Point work?

Sephora points are like currency that you can earn by shopping at Sephora. Here is the breakdown:


  • Spend $1 at Sephora and you get 1 point.
  • Signing up, filling out your beauty profile on the Sephora website, reviewing products and using their app will earn you bonus points.
  • Special events have point multipliers that allow you to accumulate points more quickly during these periods.

Benefits and Levels:

  • There are three levels: Insider ($0), VIB ($350 per year minimum), and Rouge ($1000 per year minimum).
  • All Levels receive points but the higher tiers have better exchange rates for points (more rewards with fewer points), and special offers.


  • For Rouge and VIB members, you can also redeem points to get full-size products, deluxe samples, and product bundles.  
  • Members of lower levels may redeem points by making a purchase. However, members at higher levels can redeem rewards without having to make a purchase.

Sephora points reward your loyalty and shopping. Spending more money and engaging with the Sephora brand will open greater earning opportunities, You can also access a wider variety of rewards.

Benefits of Sephora's Rewards Programs: 

So, why bother with Sephora's rewards programs? Well, aside from getting free stuff, there are some pretty cool perks too. Like, you get early access to new products, exclusive deals, and even free makeovers! Plus, it's a fun way to treat yourself for being a loyal Sephora shopper.

Sephora 1000 Point Perk: Exclusive Rewards for Beauty Insiders

Sephora rewards its Beauty Insider members with a 1000-point perk, as part of the program. This is a way to reward them for their loyalty. Beauty Insiders can redeem their hard-earned rewards for premium products, usually deluxe or full-sized items from high-end brands. Sephora fans love these perks because they offer a chance to enjoy luxury beauty products that would otherwise be out of reach, from skincare essentials to makeup must-haves.


Are you ready to explore the benefits of beauty? Sephora rewards program will transform your passion for skincare and beauty into freebies, exclusive rewards, and amazing savings. Enjoy the best of Sephora while you indulge yourself. Start earning points and buying products today to get your ultimate beauty rewards!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the sephora rewards program work ?

    Sephora Beauty Insider allows you to earn points for purchases, redeeming them for discounts, rewards and even free shipping. The higher tiers offer more benefits, such as birthday gifts and point multipliers.

  • How do I redeem Sephora points?

    Redeeming points can lead to discounts, deluxe products, full-size items, or product bundles. Members of higher tiers have more redemption options.

  • What is the Sephora 1000 Point Perk ?

    Sephora 1000 Point Perk, an exclusive reward, is available to Beauty Insiders. They can redeem 1000 points towards premium products from top-tier brands, such as full-sized or deluxe items.