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Best Movies Streaming Now and Get Deals

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In the era of digital streaming and digital media, the options for movie nights are endless, whether you are into sci-fi, heart-pounding action movies, or comedy skits that will make you endlessly laugh. There’s always something for everyone out there. As we further look into 2024, we will help you to find the best movies streaming now and how you can secure some of the best deals to make your viewing experience even better. 

Best movies streaming now and get deals

When it comes to movies and streaming services, there are plenty of options out there that offer tons of variety when it comes to different genres of movies. Here we have picked some of the best movies that are currently being streamed right now and here is how you can get a great deal on them.

  • Valley of Shadows 

  1. What is it: A young boy who ventures into a dark forest to uncover some of the mysterious truth about the killing and massacre of livestock in his rural village. Creating a moody and atmospheric setting. The film is better known for its visual storyline and the stunning performance of its young lead, Adam Ekeli.
  2. How to get deals: Some internet or mobile service providers include Netflix in their bundle packages. For example, T-Mobile offers Netflix for free with certain plans. 
  3. Limitations: Netflix timely rotates its library, which means movie and TV shows can be removed or adjusted on the main panel which can be frustrating if a title you plan to watch is suddenly available.

Finding the right and best movies on Netflix is something that one could rarely stumble upon because it has so much to offer in itself, ranging from original content to documentaries based on real life. 

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  • Oppenheimer


  1. What is it: When it comes to creativity and direction, Christopher Nolan is known as the finest name in the industry with directing some of the most iconic movies that He has ever directed, them his blockbuster film Oppenheimer was one of them. The movie is noted for its meticulous attention to historical detail and Nolan’s signature storytelling art. 
  2. How to get deals: To get the best of the best experience you can now enjoy Oppenheimer on Paramount Plus with amazing offers for new subscribers, such as discounted rates or extended free trial periods, always keep an eye on their website or promotional emails for such deals.
  3. Limitations: Just like any other streaming service, content availability on Paramount Plus can vary by region due to licensing restrictions, some shows and movies might not be accessible in certain countries and regions which might disappoint viewers.

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  •   The Traitors

  1. What is it: The Traitors is a reality competition series that combines psychological strategy, deception and teamwork. Contestants work together to complete missions and build a prize fund. Hosted by Alan Cumming in the USA the show features intense roundtable discussions where contestants vote to banish suspected traitors. Set in grand, secluded locations, the show is praised for its suspenseful atmosphere and innovative format.
  2. How to get deals: Occasionally, sellers and retailers like Amazon or Best Buy offer deals on streaming service gift cards, including Peacock. Purchasing these gift cards at a discount can reduce your overall subscription cost.
  3. Limitations: Downloads for offline viewing are only available on the Premium plan at Peacock, limiting the accessibility for users on the Essential plan. Additionally, not all content is available for download.

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Bonus films that you can stream on Netflix

Where Netflix offers a wide variety of film, original content and documentaries, you will never ever be bored by a vast array of its offerings. Here are some of the bonus films that we have compiled that you can stream on Netflix.

  • Ava 

  1. What is it: Ava is an action-packed film directed by Tate Taylor and starring Jessica Chastain. The film follows Ava, a skilled assassin working for a black ops organization, who begins to question her loyalty when a mission goes unusually in an untamed direction. With intense action sequences and performances, Ava offers a thrilling suspenseful cinematic experience.
  2. How to get deals: Retailers offer discounts on Netflix gift cards. Purchase these at a lower price and use them to pay for your subscription.
  3. Limitations: Netflix's recommendation algorithm may not always align with your tastes, potentially making it difficult to discover new content that interests you.
  • Thelma

  1. What is it: Thelma is a Norwegian supernatural thriller film directed by Joachim Trier. Thelma, a young woman discovers that she has mysteriously acquired some uncontrollable powers when she moves away from her strict family to attend university. The film has received critical acclaim for its atmospheric direction, compelling performances, and exploration of complex psychological themes.
  2. How to get deals: Netflix allows you to create multiple profiles on a single account. Share the cost of a premium plan with family or friends to reduce individual expenses.
  3. Limitations: The categorization of Netflix’s content can be broad, sometimes making it hard to find specific genres or niche titles.


Explore a world full of cinematic wonders with the best movies streaming now, save with exclusive deals and discounts. With plenty of options available, there is something for everyone which is every movie lover’s delicacy. So dive into the latest blockbusters, timeless classics, and hidden gems, all at unbelievably affordable prices!