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Gapcash vs Old Navy Super Cash: Terms, Expiry, and Usability

supercash vs gapcash

It's time to take part in the redeeming of Gap Cash reward and earn some significant savings while you shop for your favorite product at Gap! The offer is gonna start on the 5th of June and will go all the way to the 10th of June of 2024. Giving enough room for the shoppers to select and make a purchase for their desired purchase. The best part is that these Gap cash rewards can redeemed online as well as in physical stores. Gap coupons and Old Navy coupons are valuable tools for savvy shoppers looking to save on trendy and stylish apparel. These coupons often provide significant discounts on various products, from everyday essentials to iconic fashion pieces, curated just for you. These coupons enhance the shopping experience by offering great deals and exclusive savings, whether in-store or online.

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What Is Gap Cash?

Gap Cash is a promotional rewards program implemented by Gap Inc. to incentivize customer loyalty and drive repeat purchases, during specified promotional periods, customers earn Gap Cash when they make qualifying purchases either in-store or online. This program enhances the shopper experience by providing tangible savings and encourages customers to return to Gap stores or the Gap website to utilize their earned rewards. 

Gap Cash is typically awarded in increments, based on the total amount that you have spent and comes with specific terms and conditions regarding its use. There are often minimum requirements and restrictions on combining Gap Cash with other promotional offers or discounts. Through Gap Cash, customers are given a financial incentive to maintain their relationship with the brand ensuring they consider Gap as a primary option for their apparel needs. This initiative ultimately aims to boost sales while providing additional value to customers.

How To Earn Gap Cash?

During specific promotional periods each year, customers can earn GapCash with every purchase at participating Gap stores which include GabBody, GapKids, BabyGap, and Gap’s factory and outlet locations. Apart from a physical store, you can also avail this opportunity in Gap’s online store, giving customers convenience and accessibility to buy their desired product. 

Here is how you can avail of this opportunity: When you spend between $50 and $74 at Gap store, you will be eligible for $20 in GapCash or maybe $40 during a double earning period. Redeemable in a future designated time. For purchases between $74 and $99, you receive $30 in GapCash or $60 in double-earning promotions. The earning tier differs slightly, spending $50 to $99 earns $20 in GapCash while spending $100 to $149 receives $40. These rewards provide significant savings for future purchases during specified redemption windows.

How To Redeem GapCash?

To redeem GapCash during the specified redemption period, either in-store or online, on qualifying merch purchases as indicated on the voucher or email. Spending between $50 to $74.99 earns $20 GapCash, $75 to $99.99 earns $30, and so forth, up to a maximum of $120 per transaction. While one GapCash coupon can be used per transaction, there is no limit to the total number of GapCash coupons redeemable. Additionally, spending below the threshold still allows for redemption, with a corresponding lower discount based on the amount spent, such as receiving $10 off for spending at least $25 to redeem $20 in GapCash.

Redeem your Old Navy Super Cash from June 1 to June 9, where every $25 spent earns $10 in rewards. During this period, you can still earn Super Cash for future use, redeemable during the next redemption window from August 3 to 10.

What Is Old Navy SuperCash?

Old Navy Super Cash is a customer loyalty rewards program designed to offer substantial savings on future purchases. During specific promotional periods, customers earn Super Cash based on the amount spent in-store or online at Old Navy. The earned Super Cash can be redeemed within the designated period allowing customers to receive significant discounts on their next purchases. The program operates in different level of tiers, where higher spending results in higher rewards. 

How To Earn Old Navy SuperCash?

Old Navy Super Cash is earned exclusively during a selected period, which typically lasts up to four weeks and occurs multiple times annually. Customers can earn Super Cash through both regular and double-earn events in-store, as well as through online shopping, offering multiple opportunities each year for customers to accumulate rewards for their future purchases and discounts.

Here is how you can use SuperCash: During the Old Navy Super Cash period, every $25 spent earns a $10 Super Cash reward, consistently applied by Old Navy. Each transaction yields one coupon, with in-store purchases providing paper coupons and online orders resulting in digital coupons sent via email within 24 hours. Super Cash is versatile, and redeemable in online or in-store purchases regardless of its origin. Giving the option to save option to save coupons to save it on your mobile devices. However, SuperCash cannot be combined with other coupons and it is ineligible for online everyday steal purchases. 

Comparing GapCash And Old Navy Super Cash: Which Offers Better Savings?

When comparing GapCash and Old Navy Super Cash, determining which offers better savings depends on individual shopping habits and preferences. GapCash is earned during specified promotional periods at Gap stores and can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases, while Old Navy Super Cash is earned during a specific period at Old Navy and can also be used for future discounts. However, the earning and the redemption structure differ between the two programs, with Gap Cash often offering higher reward amounts for qualifying purchases, ultimately the better savings option depends on factors such as spending patterns, such as preferred brands, and timing of promotions.

How To Redeem Old Navy SuperCash?

SuperCash can be availed during its availability period, but it's also important to note that it has an expiration date, necessitating timely redemption. The redemption parameters correspond to spending thresholds: $10 off for $25-$49.99, $20 off for $50-$74.99, $30 off for $75-$99.99, $40 off for $100-$124.99, $50 off for $125-$149.99, and the maximum $60 off for purchases of $150 or more, with a maximum discount cap of $60 per transaction.

Can We Use GapCash At OldNavy?

Unfortunately, that’s not possible, GapCash is specifically designed for use at Gap stores, including GapBody, GapKids, BabyGap, and Gap factory outlets/locations, as well as online at and in the United States and Puerto Rico, and in Canada. Each brand within the Gap Inc. portfolio typically has its rewards and promotional programs, such as Old Navy SuperCash, which can only be redeemed at Old Navy stores at 


When comparing GapCash vs. Old Navy Super Cash, it's quite essential to consider individual shopping preferences and brand loyalty. While both programs offer rewards for purchases during specific periods, GapCash is exclusive to Gap stores and online platforms, while Old Navy Super Cash applies solely to Old Navy. The choice between the two ultimately depends on where customers prefer to shop and which brand's merchandise aligns best with their style and preferences.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are GapCash Coupons Transferable?

    GapCash coupons are non-transferable and not for resale. Any unused GapCash coupons remaining after the valid redemption period are forfeited.

  • Can I Use Old Navy SuperCash With Other Offers?

    No, Super Cash can only be used once and cannot be combined with other discounts or offers, including employee discounts.

  • Is Old Navy SuperCash Transferable?

    No, you can’t transfer Old Navy SuperCash.