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How Much is Double Dave's Buffet?

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Double Dave’s is continuing to please its customers with delicious pizza flavors and lip-smacking sandwiches all throughout the year. When it comes to Double Dave’s, it's the more the merrier. For that, CouponMyCart have brought you some juicy details about their buffet. Don’t worry about those extra calories, trust me it’ll be worth it.  So, if you are ready to dive into a buffet extravaganza at Double Dave's? Picture this: a spread that tickles your taste buds, and the burning question – 'How much is Double Dave's Buffet?' Let's unveil the culinary secrets and savor the details of this mouthwatering delight. 

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Exploring the Cost of Double Dave's Buffet

At Double Dave's, the buffet offers a tantalizing array of delicious options, but you might be wondering, "How much does it cost?" Let's delve into the pricing details and what you can expect when dining at Double Dave's buffet.

Feast Facts Uncovered:

  • Understanding the Offer

At an enticing price of $10 (inclusive of taxes and beverages), Double Dave's Buffet invites you to a flavor feast. Get ready for a value-packed dining experience!

  • Culinary Diversity Explored

Hold onto your taste buds! Double Dave's spread features an assortment of flavors. Whether it is their lip-smacking appetizers or succulent mains and even dreamy desserts, this buffet menu has it all. 

  • Unveiling the Value

It's not just about the price tag! Beyond affordability, Double Dave's offers quality, variety, and an ambiance that turns dining into an experience to relish.

Our Ultimate Pick - Pepperoni Rolls:

Craving for something amazing? The scrumptious Double Dave's Pepperoni Rolls are a hard miss. They are a heavenly combo of zesty pepperoni, melted cheese, and soft baked dough. Enough to tantalize your taste buds, they are a power pack of bursting flavors. A quick warning - be aware, you can get addicted to these Pepperoni Rolls!

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  1. Our Top Pick Link: Handcrafted Favorites | DoubleDave's Pizzaworks 
  2. Price: Medium JUST $12

A Glimpse into the Dining Adventure:

Ambiance Unleashed

  • Double Dave's Buffet isn't your average dining spot. The ambiance they offer makes their place akin to your home. The cozy setting is enough to relax you so you can savor your meals. 

Culinary Brilliance

  • Every item is a work of art. They procure the freshest ingredients so there is no compromise on the food quality. Coupled with the expert craftsmanship on each meal, every bite turns into a culinary delight. 

Your Burning Queries Answered:

  • Cost and Inclusions: For $10 (inclusive of taxes and beverages), indulge in an array of flavors without hidden costs. Talk about a bargain bonanza!
  • Dietary Delight: Vegetarian, vegan, or specific diets? Double Dave's caters to all. Your taste preferences – they've got you covered!
  • Feast or Experience - It's Both!


The query isn't just about bucks but the wow-factor! For $10, it's not just a meal; it's a flavorful journey filled with quality, diversity, and an ambiance that elevates your dining escapade.And remember, food isn't just a necessity; it's a mouthwatering escapade worth savoring! Double Dave's Buffet is an exceptional dining gem that'll leave you craving more. So, next time you ponder the buffet's cost, know it's about more than just numbers – it's a tantalizing experience waiting to be savored.